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The server is online all the time, just like us. Join us into the forum or Discord if you have any questions.

Greetings MUTizens,

as you can see we're not much active on website as we're doing changes on the other side.

Server is in development, we're doing alot of job in-game but it's still alot of job to be done before first huge changelogs. If you're interested in our game-server and creating great community, hop-in to our forums or Discord server. Im leaving usefull link below, so maybe we can exchange some words or suggestions about the project. Anyway, we'll be sharing some main configuration really soon, so join us if you're interested in real community and gameplay.

Our community forums:
Our Discord channel invitation:

or just make an account on forum and join to our Discord from there.

Best thanks!
Apostle & LOC-Team

Published by Apostle, November 22, 2019

Hello MUtizens,

we're in MUOnline for a very long time and we know that in most cases the game won't launch if you're using different game-clients for the first time, and maybe our game-client is your first in this case.
In most cases, that's happening because of lack of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, it's a runtime library for running applications that Microsoft developers develop in Visual C++, as it is with MUOnline game-clients.

To fix problems with "blind launch" of the game-client you need to have actually VC++ package.

We suggest you to use official Microsoft platform to download the VC++ libraries or for those lazier the All-In-One unofficial pack which additionally contains all DirectX and .NET frameworks - and yes, sometimes problems with game-launch or game itself could happen because of lack of DirectX or .NET frameworks.

  1. Official Microsoft Support w. VC++ -
  2. All-In-One (VC++, DirectX, .NET, +) -

Anyway, if any problems still occur remember to update your GPU and check your hardware updates!

This is the most major topic, and we'll ask every time that you made each of these steps before another question.
Please, respect our time.


Published by Apostle, November 15, 2019